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Nicknamed "The Stag" Freetle has a point to prove and is always trying to show off. Young Freetles use their wings to fly but the elders have no need for such frivolities, they harness the core powers of the earth itself!

Level 3
Ic-earth.png Ic-fire.png
Price 120 Ic-gem.png
Selling Price 3750 Gold 1.png
Earning 10 Gold 1.png
XP 1000 Star.png
Hatch Time 5 minutes Ic-time.png
Weakness Water,Dark Ic-water.png Ic-dark.png
Special Skill 1000 Beetles Ic-earth.png
Traits Energized Trait-imm burning-big.png


  • Don't be surprise, this guy resembles one of Pokemon breed which Heracross. They really look similar
  • You might be wondering where his name came from. It is basically just a shortcut for Fire Bettle. It is actually logical name because he is a fire type and at the same time as Earth type.
  • Being a fire type is significantly noticeable on this monster as visible fire is present on his horn. As for being an earth type, the body color is "brownish".


Egg Level 1-3 Level 4-14 Level 15-75
Freettle-0.png Freettle-1.png Freettle-2.png Freettle-3.png

Breeding Techniques

Below are the combination to get Freettle. We don't have the full list but these combination are tested by the game community.

FiresaurLight Sphinx
Light SphinxPyrook

Monster Stats

Level Ic-gold.png
Food Reqm't
1 10 20 198 138 198 297
15 79 7600 450 709 450 675
30 124 13600 720 2431 720 1080
45 154 19600 990 5299 990 1485
60 154 25600 1260 9316 1260 1890
75 154 31600 1530 14479 1530 2295

Special Skill

Skill Name Type Damage Accuracy Stamina Cooldown Description Target
1000 BeetlesIc-earth.png012000Prevents enemy monsters from dodging attacks, and healing they receive is halved.Bugged.All Enemies

Default Skill

Skill Name Type Damage Accuracy Stamina Cooldown Description Target
One, Two, Three!Ic-physical.png25100150Deals low physical damage.Single Enemy
PunchengeIc-earth.png30100150Deals low Earth damage.Single Enemy

Acquirable Skill

Group Skill 1 (Can be learned on level 7, 10, 15, 45, 50, 75, 80)

Skill Name Type Damage Accuracy Stamina Cooldown Description Target
Creo IgnemIc-fire.png3095170Deals low Fire damage.Single Enemy
Fire DartIc-fire.png3095190Deals low fire damage, 50% chance Burn target.Burn.Single Enemy
CaparaceIc-earth.png0100182Applies a Small Shield to itself,Removes and prevents Daze.Daze.Daze Immunity, Small Shield.Self

Group Skill 2 (Can be learned on level 20, 25, 30, 55, 60, 85, 90)

Skill Name Type Damage Accuracy Stamina Cooldown Description Target
Rock WillIc-earth.png0100170Applies a Small Shield to the target unit,Removes and prevents Stun and Daze effect.Small Shield, Daze Immunity, Stun Immunity.One Ally
IncinerateIc-fire.png3595170Deals low fire damage, May Burn target.Burn.Single Enemy
Rego IgnemIc-fire.png5095190Deals moderate Fire damage.Single Enemy

Group Skill 3 (Can be learned on level 35, 40, 65, 70, 95, 100)

Skill Name Type Damage Accuracy Stamina Cooldown Description Target
Muto IgnemIc-fire.png6095420Deals heavy Fire damage.Single Enemy
Protection all TeamIc-earth.png0100422Applies a Medium Shield to all Team.Medium Shield.All Enemies
Incandescent coalIc-fire.png3092422Deals moderate fire damage to all enemies, May Burn target.Burn.All enemies