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Monster Legends is a mobile and desktop game released by Social Point. This is a very popular game targeting younger populace because of the simplicity of the gameplay and stunning graphics. Though the game is simple in nature, it's actually offer a quite complex mindset in order to make progress in the game.

Monster Legends Game Guide

Let us drill down a little bit on how Monster Legends is being played. This game is actually a monster raising platform wherein you hatch a monster from an egg which is done through the Hatchery. The waiting time before a new Monster can be hatch differs depending on the rarity, some can take a couple of minutes but some take a couple of hours. However if you have some gold to spare, you can always rush it by spending Gems. This is where the company earns, from the user who doesn't have any patience to wait for some time.


The eggs can be obtained two ways. The easiest one is to buy it in the Shop and the other is through breeding. You can buy from the Shop using Gems and Gold. The monsters that can be bought using gems are quite rare and strong however as I've said you might need to use real money to do this. The monsters that can be bought using Gold are basic monsters which you can breed to obtain more rarer monsters. The breeding of monsters is the fun part of this game as the combination of different types of monsters yield different results in consideration with probability. I would not tackle much on how the probability is computed but you must understand that the rarer monster you want to have, the lower the probability is.

Sample Egg

The breeding can be done through Breeding Mountain. This is where you place two different monster and let it mate for sometime. Depending on how rare is the monster combination, the waiting time depends on it. As usual, you can speed things up by spending some gems.

Breeding Mountain

Now that we have already discussed on how to obtain a monster, let's go through the different Monster Elements available.

As you can see from above there are a lot of elements available, these corresponds to habitats as well. Dark monster can only be placed in Dark Habitat, the Earth Monsters can only be placed on Earth Habitat and so on and so forth. Meanwhile due to the use of breeding of elements, the results yield a multi element monster. Like for example if you combine a Fire and Earth Monster the result could probably a mixture of Fire and Earth. You can place this monster on either Fire or Earth Habitat whatever suits you best.

The habitats are available in the Shop and can be bought by using Gold which is the in game currency. The gold is being produced on each habitat. Depending on what kind of Monsters you placed on your habitat the yield may vary. However, the rarer the monster is the higher the yield. The higher the level the higher the yield. In order to get stronger you must focus first in getting a huge stockpile of gold.

Other than buying buildings you can use gold in order to obtain foods. The food are used to level up your Monsters. As the monsters are levelling up, the Food Requirement is getting higher. You can grow food in the Farm. Depending on your level, the higher yield crops are unlocked. You might be having a thought on which crops are best, of course the rarer crops, the better because of yield to gold ratio consideration. However always take into consideration that the higher yield crops takes more time. Some crops can be grown for the span of minutes but some takes hours to finish.



The Monster Legends is available in 3 different platforms

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Facebook

The Facebook version is the first one to come out so as you have noticed the graphics are not that good compared to the mobile version. However the mechanics are still the same and you can switch on multiple platforms using the same account as the registration is done through facebook login. This concept is quite good as we all know the mobile battery life cannot withstand long game time. This makes the game more robust as you get tired playing on your mobile you can always login through your desktop PC browser.


List of Monster by Element